Purpose (aka When Lost, Follow The Japanese Guys With The Cameras)

[noun; ~ Pronunciation: /pur-puh s/]

  • Definition: We all need a reason to get out of bed in the morning, to not postpone waking up. To have a feeling of belonging, of doing something worthwhile. That reason is our purpose, and it can come in any form it desires. Or not. In which case you will find yourself lingering in bed each morning, reluctant to get up and do something. A purpose gives us reason to live, to really feel we are alive.

purpose“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all”Oscar Wilde

Paris, 2004 (probably. I forgot the exact year I was there, but it was my pre-final year of high school, which I graduated from in 2005, so I’m guessing it was 2004).

Inside the Louvre, me and my fellow art class high-schoolers were on the lookout for the Mona Lisa. I had somehow always imagined it to be hung somewhere very prominently, with signs leading everyone to this mysterious, world-famous painting, maybe even a red cross on the map of the museum to point out where to find it, but nothing of the such.

But that day it was my sole purpose to take a picture of this majestic piece of art. I was not going to leave the Louvre without having seen the mysterious smile of the Mona Lisa with my own eyes, even if it was the last thing I’d do!

Today, I think I lost a purpose in my life. I forgot what it’s like to hop out of bed in the morning, full with energy, ready to take on the day.

Okay, I’ve never been full of energy in the morning, but that’s not the point. The point is, I don’t see a reason to get up any more and try. I have lost my figurative Mona Lisa out of sight, and don’t have the mental energy to go look for her. I stopped caring somehow.

And that’s scary, because what is our life worth without a purpose? What does it matter where you go if you don’t have a road to follow to reach your goal? Might as well keep your eyes closed if you’ve got nothing to keep your sight on, and go through life like a pre-apocalyptic zombie.

I don’t want to be a zombie (I always imagined I’d be a vampire, up until The Twilight Saga, Moonlight, The Vampire Diaries, etcetera emerged. They ruined vampires for me – where is Bram Stoker when you need him?).

I need something to liven up my heart beat, something to fuel my mind, a goal to keep me going and going until I’ve reached it. I need a passion, a purpose! I’m in need of a little help; who can point me out where to go?

In Paris, 2004, the help came in the form of Japanese tourists, stereotypically clutching their cameras as they were happily taking pictures of everything they saw. Curiosity got the better of me and I joined their long line, which seemed to be leading up to a glass cabinet attached to one of the museum walls. Not sure why they would want to photograph such a construction, I shuffled forward and then there she was, right in front of me. A teeny tiny painting, but grandiose in perfection. The Mona Lisa.

I gasped and took a picture (or actually a few, might as well join in with the Japanese gang). Mission accomplished.

And now it’s time to find a new one! Drinking tea and munching chocolate while watching TV isn’t a way of going through life, at least not for longer than a day or two. I need something more. My new purpose is finding a purpose in life! Stop being a lazy bum and get up and do something! Set something in motion. That’s what will get me out of bed tomorrow.

I hope.

What gets you out of bed in the morning? (Apart from the smell/thought of coffee). What gives your life colour, and how did you find your purpose?

21 thoughts on “Purpose (aka When Lost, Follow The Japanese Guys With The Cameras)

  1. Samantha, hi there. I don’t know the way at all and I have nothing I can directly point at that gets me up every morning at 05:30. But, there is this little whisper of a feeling I get, every morning before I drag myself out of bed, that this could be a great day and something spectacular could happen, and I could meet the best people, and I may, just may, find my true calling, purpose, or whatever that sets my world on fire. But, before all these things can, or may, or could, or will happen to me I have to get out of bed, albeit slowly with a crooked smile on my way to the coffee kettle, but out of my comfy bed I need to get before all the other possibilities in my day even get a chance of becoming real. Granted, most to all days I go to bed with none of it happening, but oh-my-soul, tomorrow might just be that day. On a long enough timeline great stuff will happen to you and me and others who drag their coffee-addicted selves out of bed because that day might just well be THE day. That whispering feeling gets me out. The wheel turns for us all and our time for true purpose is on this side of the rainbow, waiting for us. — good things will wait for us while we go to them, but first we need to getoutabed. ;-) Have a great day, Samantha. Peace.

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    1. Haha, that’s a brilliant take on getting out of bed. It might work for me, the infinite pessimist (although I’ve taken a huge step towards the optimist side over the last few years). I think I need to actively seek a purpose rather than sit and wait til it’ll hit me in the face :p Thanks for your comment, you made me feel a lot better already, Gert :)

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      1. I believe when you chase purpose down you will catch it. It’ll definitely make you work hard to catch it but your stamina in the chase will beat it down and subdue it. You will find what you seek, Samantha. ;)

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  2. Salut Sam 😊,

    two years ago I’ve restored and redecorated my favorite room. I painted one half of it completely yellow and the other half completely light blue. Plus a few other rather not so typical accessories — it’s gotten impossible ever since, that I’ll wake up there in a bad mood or uninspired! The best decision ever made — throwing nice warm colors at the walls that surround me and color the ceiling the very same way – part yellow/part light blue 🎨 🎨 🎨

    For my flat, that also serves as my studio, etc., I’ve hung all my favorite movie stills and posters, photographs I love and concert tour posters. Except for the bathroom, there are friendly faces smiling at me everywhere – including the kitchen, yes! πŸ˜„ Like I said, it’s impossible to be in a bad or uninspired mood for me now. I can firmly claim I’ve really created a safe zone and place to live for myself — when I have to go to work, I’m constantly pondering whether it’s may be possible to strangle some of my customers with their very own spinal cord, but as soon as I’m back home, my safe zone stills the thunder immediately 🐬🐧🐧 🐒🐒🐒

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    1. I have yellow curtains! Which may sound incredibly stupid, but when the sun comes up, my room awakes in a golden glow. Yellow makes me happy :) (I also just bought a bottle of Vana Tallinn, my favourite liquor, so at least I have a short-term purpose for the next two weeks or so).
      I’ve also hung “special” letters on my bedroom door, as well as special birthday cards and pictures. They make me happy, too. Thanks for sharing this, Micah! And good job not killing any customers!

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  3. After reading Itsmegert’s comment a couple of times I don’t think I could possibly sum it up any better so I will stand alongside it…well, perhaps underneath a bit since mine came later. :) I could not agree more. Each day is full of possibilities – we just have to be in position to meet them halfway. Have a great day Samantha! Bruce B.

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    1. Thanks, Bruce. I think that’s just what I needed to hear. Sometimes I just feel so lost or stuck I don’t see a way out, while in fact the way out is right in front of me. Or could be right in front of me! Hope you have a great day, too :)

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  4. For me it is actually blogging, writing, etc. It’s what drives my creative juices and gets me pumped up. Mostly it is the blog, but I am writing a book and also just found out last week I’m getting an article published. I get that spot you are in though, I remember thinking the same thing about your age. I hope you find it for you!

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    1. What’s your book about? Is it fiction or a recap of your bitter blog posts? Or something else? Just curious :)
      Congrats on the article! I had one published online about a year ago, about my trip to Norway. It’s a great feeling, so I’m happy for you!
      I always remember that image I saw on someone’s blog once, about all these famous people being loser-ish like me until they were 30 and over, when they made their big discovery or statement and gained world fame and respect. Maybe I’m like them ;) Who knows, I got a few years to figure that out, haha.

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      1. My book is a fiction fantasy book about a teenager that gets transported into the video game world. (Basically it is my fantasy to do so.) I’ve thought about doing a book about my blog too, but just haven’t figured out the best angle for it yet. And I’ve thought about doing a series of Bitter Kid Books for Adults based on a post a did a while ago. I’ve talked with another blogger about doing the illustrations, so we’ll see how that goes.
        Yeah, you definitely have time to find you niche or place in the world. Trust me, I’m still working on mine.

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  5. As a college super senior working in retail, I’ve yet to find my purpose. While doubts do creep in from time to time about whether or not I will find my calling, I’m pretty sure I’ll stumble into something by the time I’m 30. Maybe 40 :)

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    1. I accepted I’m never going to do anything with my education, haha. But as long as I find something I love doing, that hopefully has something to do with helping people, I’ve decided I’ll be okay.
      You know what, we’ll figure it out, and lets trust the Universe will give us a hand (hopefully some day soon though :p – I’m so impatient!).

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      1. Haha, it makes me impatient, too! And it’s been a journey getting used to the idea that going to college wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be, that I’m going to college for reasons different from what society said college is “supposed to be for.” We live and we learn! :D

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  6. I am currently going through this too. I blame it on neurosis. Hope things get better for all of us crazy souls looking for a purpose. Sometimes I wonder if it’s better to be a zombie, after all….

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    1. I wonder about that, too, Mahevash. Life is so much easier for them (at least I think it is). But that means giving uo use of your brains and that’s never worth it. Hang in there, we’ll figure it out one way or another :)

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