Sunday Summary

Sunday Summary

(Week 2)

sunday_summary_new“A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge”Thomas Carlyle

A new Sunday means a new summary! Here’s what this week has taught me:

  1. Letting go of old clothes feels like letting go of memories. I’m not sure if this is a woman thing or not, but when I was cleaning out my closet this week I caught myself coming up with excuse after excuse why I should hold on to items of clothing I, in fact, never wear. There was absolutely no reason at all why I should want to keep an outdated, outworn sports T-shirt, but I very much didn’t want to throw it away. Why? Because of the memories it contains: cycling 35k for Pink Ribbon without passing out or dying from hypothermia, a dreadful try-out evening at a badminton club which turned into a great idea for a horror story yet to write, countless evenings of having fun at Zumba, and so much more. And that was just one T-shirt…
    I ended up de-cluttering my wardrobe as intended, after telling myself (over and over again) those memories aren’t locked in the items, they are locked in my mind.
  2. If you don’t invest in something, don’t expect it to become a success. The owner of my gym is selling his business as a last resort. I know it’s the only option he’s got left to stay out of debt, but I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if he had actually done something with the great ideas we (a small team of volunteers and people he hired) came up with six months ago. Maybe not all results from our brain storm session were good, but some of them were definitely worth trying out to get more members. Nothing happened though, no actions were taken and as a result no significant amount of new subscribers was gathered. And now the gym’s being sold.
    The moral here is: if you’re not going to put in any effort, don’t expect something to become a success. Don’t think your life will get interesting if you do nothing to help it become so. Get up and do something!
  3. Toilet cleaning liquid works great as a descaler for your bathroom floor! Honestly, this is the best household tip ever! Take your toilet detergent and squirt some of it on the tiles of your bathroom floor you can see water took its toll on. Let it soak in for a few minutes, then scrub it off with a brush and wipe up the remains with a wet cloth. Result: your floor tiles will look as good as new!
    I’m always in for a challenge, but when my client told me about this I have to admit I was a bit sceptical. However, fair is fair: she was right and it works miracles! Toilet cleaner, everyone, is the best kept secret in the magical world of decalcifying! Or at least it was.
  4. Never give up, even if you feel like the day’s lost. Last Friday I woke up and I knew: today is going to be a bad day. Why? Because from the second I opened my eyes, my head was bursting with worries, resentment, and fear. Usually when this happens this early in the morning, it continues throughout the day. In the past I used to linger and stay in bed for as long as possible, but this time I decided to approach it differently. And even if I wasn’t at my best behaviour that day, I found out I actually enjoyed myself at moments, and managed to push those negative thoughts to the back of my head, giving me some relief. I even got some housework done. A day wasted? I think not. Just push through and you’ll see your day isn’t wasted at all!
  5. This build on number four: your day’s never wasted if you’ve enjoyed it. I always felt like a day was lost unless I’d done something meaningful, like study, work, or visit a friend. Now I know time’s never wasted, provided you enjoyed your endeavours. What did I do yesterday, apart from going to my morning sports class? Absolutely nothing! And was my day wasted? Absolutely not! I needed some time off, doing nothing at all, and I enjoyed myself. I watched some TV, played with my pets, and finished reading a book. Meaningless? I don’t think so. Maybe I didn’t help save the world from self-destruction, but hey, there’s always tomorrow ;)
  6. I learned that David Bowie and Alan Rickman died. I wasn’t a fan of either of them, but what shocked me was that both of them had a severe form of cancer and had chosen not to go public with this (which I totally understand – my mother might not be a celebrity, but when she was ill the last thing we wanted to do was have everyone everywhere know about it). And I’m not sure, but I think I read somewhere they were both 69, which is way too young to die, let alone die of cancer. My father is 65 and I can’t imagine him not being here in four years… it’s just weird. So, two icons gone. Just like that. It’s enough to make any chatterbox fall silent…
  7. Paper wisdommm! I grabbed one with my eyes closed, so let’s hope it’s something upbeat after number six!
    (Oh geesh): a depression can be the sand that makes the pearl.
    I won’t say my depression was a good thing, or the best thing that ever happened to me, because it wasn’t. For nine years I felt like I was completely worthless, had no right to be here on this world, and I can’t remember going a single day without crying, feeling terrible, and wanting to die. So no, a depression is never good, and I won’t ever go back to feeling like that, ever! Even thinking back at what I refer to as my Personal Dark Ages makes me feel intensely sad. Talk about wasting time: my depression surely was! I wasted so many years thinking I was an ugly, dumb, worthless creature, and it took me so long to realise I am not. All those things I could have been doing as a teenager and young adolescent, but all those days wasted on hating myself…
    But that’s the thing, isn’t it? It’s not the depression that’s a good experience, it’s what comes after. The metaphorical calm after the storm. Did it make me stronger? No, the depression didn’t. Fighting it did. Did it make me wiser? No, being stuck in a downwards spiral of self-loathing didn’t. But breaking through that spiral did. Did it make me feel more beautiful? No, avoiding all mirrors and cameras didn’t. But dusting off the sand covering my pearl surely did (okay that sounds weird, but you get what I mean, right?).
    Paper wisdom… Why is it always spot on?

That’s it for this week’s wisdom. I hope your week was as insightful as mine, and if not, well, there’s always next week ;)

I’d like to end this summary with paying homage to a man whose music I grew up with (even if I can only name two titles of his work – okay three). I admired and respected him for his strong will and for always walking his own path rather than following others. I love people with a mind of their own!

Mister Bowie (and Mister Rickman), this Earworm Of The Week’s for you!

Cheers, everyone! Have a happy week 3!


9 thoughts on “Sunday Summary

    1. I haven’t. Maybe I should! Although… normally I don’t have any problems throwing old stuff away, but when it comes to clothes I find myself weak… Hah! I AM a real woman, after all! ;)


  1. That makes a lot of sense about the investments of time and money and ideas. Stuff will die if you don’t invest in it. Relationships, businesses, your blog, or even yourself. Heaven knows when I’m passionate about something I put my whole sole into it. Sorry about your old gym getting sold. Some people just need to listen to other people’s smart ideas more.

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  2. “I very much didn’t want to throw it away.”
    — In many cases, what matters the most is the image and the associated memory. One compromise to take a picture before through them away.

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  3. So many points resembles with me.. Never give up! Truly! De-cluttering your wardrobe and thinking about the memories attached to them! Lol the thing about toilet cleaner to clean the bathroom floor! Oh my god! I am so glad I am not the only one to do that! hahhaha

    Thanks so much for writing so beautiful…

    Liked by 1 person

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