The Unfair Vacation Fair

After visiting the National Vacation Fair today (which is also the reason I’m not posting a full blog – too tired!), it is safe to say I am in need of a vacation.

Oof, that was hard work! So many people I wanted to slap, so much pressure not to!

I forgot how awful I find big crowds, and how my inner psychopath surfaces when I’m being regularly bumped into, shoved, cut off, or overrun by idiots with trolley carts, for no reason!! >:(

Seriously, who needs a trolley when you’re at A FAIR!? You’re not actually on a vacation yet, you’re only pretending to be away! Get a grip, people!

I am visiting the Migration Fair in a month (so, so dreading it), and I’ve already picked a HUMONGOUS trolley to take with me! As revenge I intend to follow people around, run them over, crush their toes and bruise their heels, cut in line, shove my cart in their faces, and steal their pens (you always get tons of free pens at fairs anyway – or aren’t you supposed to take them?). I am going to be so incredibly annoying, people will jump at a chance of helping me move as far away as possible!


On the bright side (luckily there’s always a bright side): I collected loads of info on trips to Canada today! :) Will get that sorted out.

Soon. Not now, I can hardly keep my eyes open. Although at least I picked a side, that’s something! It’s definitely going to be the west part of Canada :)

Just as well, my French sucks as bad as all those people shoving me and chasing me with their evil trolley carts (I swear they resembled aggressive geese). I hope they are refused for whatever vacation they plan to go on, on ground of abusing their trolleys. Hah, that’d teach ’em! :)

5 thoughts on “The Unfair Vacation Fair

  1. I’m very glad you managed to control your fists of fury. It would have been easy for the police to find you. They would simply have followed the trail of people lying on the ground and groaning.

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    1. So people keep telling me, haha. But thanks :) And my stay completely depends on what the group travel organisations have to offer, it varies between 15 and 22 days.


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