Status Update

Status Update

Everything’s gone weird:
  • My father is suddenly incredibly excitedly tidying up his paperwork. Which he never does! But all of a sudden he seems to enjoy it…
  • My gym is being sold to another company, meaning I could lose my job as an instructor. My current boss has given me a good reference, though, and as a result the new people want to interview me next Tuesday. It’s safe to say I won’t make the cut: I have no official papers and I suck at job interviews. Oh well. I wanted to travel anyway ;)
  • My phone has lost it! It restarts itself every so often, but after today’s restart it suddenly lost the file of my ring tone! It’s gone, it simply vanished. Good thing I heard it ring when the new gym folks called! AND that I was actually thinking of getting another ring tone… Hm, maybe it’s a sign from the Universe (like they care, hah!).
  • Long overdue, but I finally updated Dictionary Dutch! Who needs two archives, right!? (Okay, I still do). What was up with all those pictures? Why would anyone care to read a self-made survey? And you don’t even want to know how many ridiculous tags I’ve deleted! Ah well, it’s all solved now :) See for yourself here, here, and here.

Well, I’m off, hunting down a ring tone to use until my phone decides it isn’t cool any more ;) I hope you all have a good day, and let’s pray all the weirdness ends here! At least for a while.

Waving you off with a picture of me killing the Mana Beast in Secret Of Mana. Might as well end this day the way it started: very strangely.


26 thoughts on “Status Update

    1. (This is seriously my third attempt to reply to this, also to like your comment – stupid WP app!).
      I absolutely loathe interviews of all kinds. I am secretly happy I am not famous – imagine sitting in a hotel room for hours on end, being interviewed by tons of people… yikes! But this one is even worse: it’s going to be two against one… Yea right, it’s just a “get to know you”-chat. Do they even believe that themselves??


      1. Yeah, I would so much more rather be rich than famous. I couldn’t do movies and then talk about them endlessly with people, but an interview for a job with the pressure of having to perform well for your job? Seems like they could say just about anything and you would have to dance. Ugggh. Good luck!

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        1. Yeah, but the thing is my job consists of making people dance! (Well, move anyway). Maybe I’ll just scare them into hiring me. They’ll never see that coming; I look quite innocent 0:)


                    1. I just think for introverts who are better at writing and expressing themselves that way should be able to do it that way. Or do it in a less formal way so it is more of a conversation than a Q&A session.

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                    2. Oh well, no harm done. If they wouldn’t take over, I would have left eventually, anyway :) It’s all good, it’s just the way it happened that makes me feel uneasy. Out of curiosity: exactly what would you do when you got fired? Just checking for future tips ;)


      1. For some strange reason, oral exams used to kind of amuse me! I remember having a tough time controlling my laughter when whoever was sitting next to me cooked up strange “facts” while answering. And even when I ended up doing the same, I didn’t feel any less amused :P

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        1. You had a partner during oral exams!? I always had to go in alone! :( Although “alone”… I always had tons of nerves accompanying me ;) Oh well, I lived. And honestly, they make the best stories, nowadays :p


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