Sunday Summary

Sunday Summary

(Week 1)

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself”John Dewey

Welcome to another weekly summary! After learning something new each day for the past week, I like to share my newly acquired wisdom with you:

  1. Towel racks are always too short. I mean this in the way that if you, like me, like to hang your towel on the rack next to the washbasin without folding it first, one end of it will poke over. The manufacturers of these items practically force you to fold your towel before using the rack, which does look all neat and tidy, but isn’t very handy when you want to dry your hands. You can’t really do that efficiently when the towel is folded in two. And you can’t hang it back when it’s unfolded… So, so frustrating… :(
  2. James Bond is many man’s wet dream. I took my dad to see Spectre. It was awful. The movie, not my dad.
    First of all, sorry mister Craig, but this James is not handsome at all! He’s got elephant ears and giant lips! If I was a Bond Girl (yea right!) and he would come at me flapping his lips like he does, I’d run away screaming.
    Also (and I am fully aware I grew up with Pierce Brosnan as 007, so I know nothing about this), but Daniel makes his alter ego so… arrogant. Whereas Pierce made him charming-bordering-on-playful-arrogance. Don’t get me wrong, I think Daniel is a good actor, just not a great Bond.
    My dad completely loved the film, by the way, as did every other man in the cinema with us. I suspect(re – sorry, couldn’t resist!) it has something to do with 007 always looking smooth (even when being tortured), always having the latest, coolest gadgets, always getting all the beautiful ladies, and (probably the most important thing): the fancy fast cars. Which he always wrecks, but that’s okay: there’s a new one waiting for him around the corner.
    I was so bored I even fell asleep for a few minutes… the entire film takes over two hours! But when I woke up it was still dreading on. Well, at least my dad loved it.
  3. Sometimes all someone needs is a little time. My mother confessed she’s been feeling down lately; she doesn’t feel like getting up or doing anything else during the day but lie on the couch and play with her tablet. She scared me, because I always want to make everyone feel happy, especially my parents. Normally I’d talk to someone being down until they start feeling happier again, making them laugh and showing them their life isn’t worthless. My mother needs a different approach, and no matter how hard this was for me, I decided to not start the conversation about it myself, but to wait until she did. Result: when driving home from the gym she opened up about why she was feeling down and we chatted about what we could do to break the rut she’s in. So there you have it: you don’t always need to talk to someone if you want to help them, sometimes you  need to wait and listen instead.
  4. Being a follower is easier than being a leader, but being a leader is more fun. It’s easy for me to join in on the body pump class on Monday, since I don’t have to give it, but I do know the routine. I’ve noticed the instructor keeps an eye on me, because sometimes she makes a mistake and I don’t. Last Wednesday, however, our roles were reversed as she walked in to join my class, and I totally screwed up my timings, all while keeping her in my vision.
    What I’m trying to say is: it’s easy to do what someone else tells you to, but even if they make it seem easy, it’s not. Being a leader is hard work! You have more responsibilities, but you also have more fun. You get to joke around a bit and see everyone join in. You get to make people feel good about themselves and make them follow you around, even if you’re messing up. And best of all; you can turn up the volume if your favourite song comes along, and no one can stop you!
  5. Milka is a biblical name. Serious business, this! I never knew this! When I hear Milka, I automatically and instantly picture a purple-and-white cow in my head, with Milka written on it’s side:
    For those of you who have no clue what I’m talking about: Milka is probably the best chocolate brand worldwide (in other words: I am a big fan)! But apparently it’s also the name of someone’s daughter in the Bible (forgive me for forgetting her father’s name, but she’s mentioned in the book of Joshua, 17:3).
    Now I wonder why the chocolate is called Milka, too. Must research this for next week’s summary…
  6. Enrique Iglesias makes a frog-sound before singing a new line. Oh myyyyyy, this is so funny! A little warning is in order: once you hear it, you can NEVER un-hear it! So if you’re a fan of Enrique, don’t read on!
    This marvellous discovery was made by Jochem Myjer, a Dutch comedian (who’s very funny and great at imitations!). In one of his shows he talks about how his girlfriend is a big fan of the singer, and how he one day noticed Enrique making a little croak-sound before singing each line. He used Hero as an example, and so will I:

    Can you hear it? It’s very delicate and you have to pay close attention, but it’s really there!

  7. Last but not least: paper-wisdom! This one’s a bit vague (aren’t they all?), so it’s difficult to make spaghetti out of it, but I’ll try. The paper reads: I am because you are.

    My interpretation of this is that I am the way I am because of the people I’ve met in my life. My family, my friends, strangers, even the people I didn’t like. They all helped me become who I am today, and for that I am grateful (and if the maker of the paper meant something else, they can just sod off. I like my explanation).

Another summary has come to an end, as has this week. I hope you all had a great seven days and I wish you a merry Week 2! And as always I’ll leave you with the Earworm Of The Week. Because in the end, we could all be immortals.

Cheers everyone!


6 thoughts on “Sunday Summary

    1. His lips are scary. And so are his ears. And his eyes. His whole head, as a matter of fact. And he’s too buff-looking to play a spy.
      Whatever, I am just not a Craig Bond fan. Or a Bond fan, that is :p


  1. “Being a follower is easier than being a leader, but being a leader is more fun.”

    This one is DEEP, and I like the most :)

    In my field, it is always easier to criticize others’ models, but it is a lot harder to build your own, and of course, more fun :)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The best helmsmen stand on the shore (that’s what we always say).
      Building your own model is a lot more fulfilling than merely criticising other’s, I couldn’t agree more.


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