Sunday Summary

Sunday Summary (Special Edition)

(Week 53)

sunday_summary“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other”Abraham Lincoln

My first post of 2016 is a Summary, and what better way to start the new year than by making it a special edition! I never really take part in New Year’s Resolutions (it’s my way to avoid Blue Monday) , but I love to do-lists, so here’s my seven items containing What I Want To Do-list for the oncoming year:

  1. Visit Canada. I have saved money, I have quit my job, I am the proud owner of an awesome, super warm winter coat, I dreamed I visited the Niagara Falls, so I’m all good to go! Well, after I’ve booked the actual trip, which is first on my to do-list for next week! (I told you I like lists. Why do you think I keep coming up with a weekly one for my blog? It’s just an excuse to list things, really). I. Will. Go. There! This year!  :D
  2. Move to a foreign country. I don’t care for how long, exactly, but I have every intention of leaving my parent’s house and move overseas. I’m thinking Scotland for now, but I’ve decided I’ll make concrete plans when I’m relaxing in Canada or when I get home after that.
    Note to self: don’t forget to check when the Migration Fair is. Maybe they have some good info/ideas.
  3. Write my story. I have so many stories in my head, but none of them seem to stick well on paper :( But I am determined to get my fairy tale out of my head and put it down in words, even if it’ll take me the whole year. My secret idea is to combine this with To Do Point Two; move to a cute little cottage in a quiet, beautiful country and simply write.
  4. Celebrate my 29th birthday in style. My last birthday was crap. Scrap that: it was beyond crap. My mum had a very bad case of pneumonia, and I was down with an evil cold. My dad was grumpier than ever (I swear, if my father was a cat he’d be Grumpy Cat), and basically all plans I had to celebrate didn’t come together. My 29th birthday was a complete disappointment, and I am adamant to make up for it! My initial idea was to go to Finnish Lapland and spend a night at an Ice Hotel after taking part in a husky sled safari. Maybe I’ll do that in Canada, if there’s a chance, and otherwise I might take a detour to Finland anyway. I’m already 29 for some time now, but there’s nothing wrong with celebrating your birthday a little later than the actual event. Even if that “little later” is actually “a few months later”… ;)
  5. Take up running. I didn’t know how much I missed running until I set off for a jog January the first (hey, I’ve never been drunk so while everyone else was sleeping off their hangover, I was out and active. Can’t think of a better way to start the year!). I even crossed the train crossing where someone threw himself in front of a train while I was waiting behind him, also while on a run, so as to start over completely. Right after I crossed there, I noticed another girl out for a run who was heading towards me. Before we crossed, I raised my hand while nodding a “hello”, and ran on. The moment I lowered my hand, though, she shouted: “high five!” and raised hers, but by then we had already split ways… Awkward way to start your year, haha.
    Oh well, at least I got some exercise. And to my surprise: before I took a break from running I was able to run for about sixteen minutes straight before needing to slow down (and repeat the cycle). When finally going for a jog again this Friday, I thought I wouldn’t be able to run for more than seven minutes. But I kept going for a full twelve! Honestly, I am so much more kick-ass than I give myself credit for! ;)
  6. Finish my Icelandic language course. It’s all there. It’s been collecting dust for over a year, and it pains my heart. I am going to pick it up again (both literally and figuratively, mind you), and start from the beginning. Re-light my Icelandic fire, and pick one day a week for learning and coursework. Maybe I can motivate myself if I promise myself another trip to that beautiful country after I’m done!
    Will try this.
  7. Win the lottery. I won already! Okay that’s not exactly true, but not exactly false, either. I won a whopping €10! (Don’t ask how much the ticket cost me. Don’t spoil my moment, please). In Dutch we have a saying: wie het kleine niet eert, is het grote niet weerd, meaning: those who don’t appreciate the small things, aren’t worthy of the big ones (I just googled it and apparently there’s an equal saying in British-English: he that cannot keep a penny, shall never have many). I am a total winner!
  8. Alright, point seven isn’t really a thing, so here’s my one and only real resolution for 2016: enjoy myself! 2015 left me sad, and normally I’m always so serious… I want to laugh more, get out more, enjoy myself more! Appreciate what I have and stop worrying about the future so much. In the end, that’s all that matters anyway: enjoying yourself.

So there you have it, my What I Want To Do In 2016-List! To everyone reading this, I searched my memory and came up with a little nerd-trick I learned when I was (a nerdy) sixteen-year-old, namely how to make glitters for your homepage:


(Feel free to imagine a nerdy-giggle coming from me, here)

But there’s only one way to end this Sunday Summary in style, which is by sharing my Earworm Of The Week. It’s the new track for the lunges (body pump), and it’s so god awfully happy and upbeat, it will surely get your exercise/sportive motors running (heck, it makes me smile while doing tons of agonising lunges – and I hate lunges!). Great song to motivate yourself for running, as well.

And if all else fails, at least it will trigger your appetite ;)

Happy 2016 everyone! What are your resolutions/goals for this year?



8 thoughts on “Sunday Summary (Special Edition)

  1. Very ambitious plan :)

    “Move to a foreign country. I don’t care for how long, exactly”
    —I have to advocate southern California blatantly: It has lot of attractions to see, variety of places to live, year round 10-20 C weather, big on creative minds (writers, musicians, and other artists).
    In Southern Califonia, you can literally surf and ski in the same day.

    In case you run of choices, try Southern Califonia :)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve never felt ambitious… Always thought that was everyone else, but not me :p
      I like quietness. Silence. Mountains, chill air, a bit of rain. Calmness. Serenity. And Scottish accents. But first I have another trip to plan.
      By the way, do you happen to live in Cali? ;) You keep mentioning it’s a great place, you make me wonder.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. “I like quietness. Silence. Mountains, chill air, a bit of rain. Calmness. Serenity. And Scottish accents.”

        Yes. I’ve been living in CA for eight years. Except Scottish accents, California has them all. Besides, we have giant pandas, too :)

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Happy New Year, Samantha! 😊 Now, that sounds awesomely ambitious – real cool! Plus Canada sounds like the right place to visit. If my funny little Micah memory serves me right, two cuddly panda babies were born in the Toronto zoo last October 🐼 🐼

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, you too!
      I was looking into trips the other day, trying to pick a side to visit (apparently group trips go either West or East), but now it’s decided I must go where the pandas are! :D

      Liked by 1 person

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