No Goodbyes

“Saying goodbye doesn’t mean anything. It’s the time we spent together that matters”Trey Parker

I’m saying goodbye to all my clients this week. Although in my heart I know I made the right decision to quit, it saddens me to leave them. They’re all good people, and for over a year I felt like I had grandparents again.

I’ll just visit them without having to clean their house, then :)

EDIT: Oh! :’) I just thought of this horrible Eurovision Song Contest entry we once sent in. No wonder we lost :p


6 thoughts on “No Goodbyes

  1. You’re most welcome! I think you’re really cool & with a great sense of humor! I for one am really looking forward yet to see you on the other side (2016) and enjoy your great postings again! Thank you very much too & see you there, eh ☺

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    1. I always get so weird when people compliment me, haha :’) I’m more used to abusive words, I guess… Thank you for these more than kind words. I’m looking forward to seeing you on the other side, too! Let’s get some more people inspired and motivated in the new year! :)

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  2. “It’s the time we spent together that matters”:

    This is actually one main point made in the book “Happiness by Design”: it is our experiences that matter.

    Besides that, I do believe in reciprocity. The efforts you put in will be return in kind. When I first taught a new class, I went beyond my call to prepare and deliver the classes. It was a big cost of time and efforts, without any foreseeable benefit except the content that I have done my best. Five years later when it comes to my promotion, those former students spent time and wrote extraordinary supporting letters. They made my case much easier.

    So I am positive the efforts you put in will come back some day, unexpectedly :)

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