Beauty (aka I Hold True Beauty In The Palm Of My Hand)

[noun; ~ Pronunciation: /byoo-tee/]

  • Definition: finding an oddly shaped fruit that is so strangely appealing to the eye, you experience an uncontrollable urge to fling yourself at it (while disregarding the strange stares of the supermarket employees) to appreciate, up close and personal, something you will admire before you eat it

beauty“I’m too hot, hot damn. Make a dragon wanna retire, man”from: Uptown Funk! by Bruno Mars

Behold my latest spur of excitement: a pitahaya (or dragon fruit, as we Dutch folks call it – hence the Bruno Mars quote). Why did I buy it? Because it looked so strange, I instantly felt the desperate need to own one. Uncommon things attract me, because I feel I have to appreciate them more since I don’t encounter them everyday.

I was told that, although this fruit looks all weird on the outside, it resembles a kiwi on the inside (both look- and taste-wise). After finishing this post I am going to eat it and find out if I was lied to about this. For now, I am just going to adore its peculiar but fascinating looks for a few moments more.

This dragon fruit got me thinking about something more interesting than its potential kiwi-taste. It raised the question: what is beauty?
To be honest, I think this fruit looks anything but beautiful, but that’s only when I consider classic beauty: simplicity, soft colours, an appealing shape, etcetera. But when I think of beauty as “interesting”, then yes, this pitahaya is very beautiful indeed. So what is beauty?

When I was in China, I could’ve started a career in modelling if I had wanted to. Even if nobody knew my name, I still felt like a super star every time random people in the streets would ask me for a photo. Especially during the times when I was cleaning up panda poop in their outside habitats, all sweaty and not in the least charming, and noticed a lot of Asian tourists photographing me instead of my favourite and super rare animals…

In China (and other Asian countries I assume), I am considered to be extremely beautiful. I am tall, blonde, and my skin is so pale it leaves a lot of Asian girls envious of me (during a shopping spree in Chengdu, one of my Chinese friends pointed out a body cream that drains colour from your skin. It’s super expensive and only rich people can buy it, but there was a rush on it nonetheless).

In the Netherlands (and other Western countries I assume), I am considered to be ugly. Well, at least not very beautiful. Because I am tall, blonde and have a very pale skin, and that’s not at all like the beauty standards that reign in my culture.
Or my past high school, where they used to call me names such as “ghost”, “corpse”, and “zombie” (although let’s face it: I AM good at making zombie noises! I reckon if I’d audition for The Walking Dead, they’d hire me on the spot – must try this one day soon. Now that’d be a killer career switch!).

Beauty, beauty… I don’t think there is one true definition for it. It’s different for everyone, although I believe everyone is beautiful because of being unique. And everyone looks beautiful when they smile! Everyone.

What is beauty, really? It’s a dumb word and a stupid concept! Let’s all stop worrying about it and see it as it truly is.

Which, in this case, is being oddly shaped, bright pink, with strange poky green leaf-like thingies, and the promise of a tasty super food inside.

I don’t know about you, but I am ready to cut beauty open with a knife!

Because in the end, the cliché is true: beauty lies on the inside, after all.


3 thoughts on “Beauty (aka I Hold True Beauty In The Palm Of My Hand)

  1. It is truly that “beauty lies on the inside”. But as a society member, we must adapt to our culture and environment. That includes the shared criterion of beauty. True, the criterion varies by countries and over time. But as long as we live somewhere long enough, we may have to accept the prevailing notion of beauty of that society, consciously or unconsciously. The pressure to adapt is so overwhelming, regardless how successful you are in other dimensions. Case in mind: Michael Jackson.

    By the way, you are beautiful, by any criterion :)

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    1. Well, yes. If you want to be accepted socially, it’s critical you live up to at least one sub-culture’s ideas of beauty. Like a friend I had in high school who was a goth. She was always making fun of the popular girls and vice versa.

      If you think about it, “beauty” is a very interesting social concept. And also quite tiresome, because no matter how hard you try, you’re never beautiful enough to please everyone. Best thing is to stick to your own version of it :)
      I’ve never really belonged to any social group, so maybe that’s why I am so liberal with my thoughts on this subject. I guess in every society you have outliers, not matter what ;)

      Thank you for your kind words. You made a humble me very happy :)

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