Sunday Summary

Sunday Summary (Special Edition)

(Week 48)

sunday_summary“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance”Oscar Wilde

Happy Sunday everyone!

This week, I wanted to do something different, to create an alternative summary. Just because I can.

So instead of listing things I learned, I thought it’d be fun to come up with seven reasons why I am beautiful. I’ve always focused on bad stuff (my nose!), but was curious to see what I’d find if I actively looked for my good sides.

Choosing one thing each day summed up to these seven points:

  1. My personality. So typical: my intention was to focus on my looks, but the first thing I came up with when thinking of what makes me beautiful was my inner self. I am happy with the person I am. Of course there’s plenty of room for growth, but the core me is someone I wouldn’t want to change, ever. I am honest, loyal, kind and funny (I think), and even if someone takes advantage of me, I cannot be disrespectful towards them. It tires me sometimes, because it feels I always have to be the bigger person in every situation, but there simply isn’t an alternative: this is who I am. Relentless, stubborn, but with a good heart. I like that. I don’t want to be someone else, I’m fine being me.
  2. My eyes. This one surprised me, for I never liked my eyes! A little explanation is in order: I have two older sisters and they both inherited my dad’s bright blue eyes. Angelic blue, almost. I also have blue eyes, but mine lean more towards greyish blue, and I recently noticed I have green specks near my irises. Totally bummed out about this (I really like my dad’s eyes! And now my niece and nephew have that colour, too! Why not me!?), I told my mum about the bits of green in my matte-blue eyes, and hers lit up as she exclaimed: “I know! You have that from me! None of your sisters have it, I am so happy one of my kids does!”
    I instantly felt special. Let them all have my father’s eyes, I got mine from mum. Hah!
  3. My shoulders. This one is both literal and figurative as my shoulders have come to bear heavy burdens throughout the years, and working out has toned them nicely. So not only do they look strong, they are strong! All the hardship, all the drama and bad stuff, I carry it like a pro. Sometimes I feel like Atlas, who carried the world on his shoulders. I am confident mine could handle that, too, if I had to. They’re simply that awesome!
  4. My sense of responsibility. I am twenty-nine, which isn’t that old (right?), but I never walk away from my responsibilities. For instance, if I get into my car (or actually my mother’s car) I realise the importance of driving safely, for not only is my safety at stake, so is the safety of everyone else I encounter during my trip on the road. If I’m teaching a lesson at the gym, I fully understand the necessity of giving clear instructions and keeping an eye on everyone doing the work outs; if they strain a muscle it’s on me, because of bad teaching.
    The list goes on and on and ranges from big things (e.g. taking care of my ill mother), to small ones, such as throwing away garbage. You’ll never catch me littering, because I feel responsible for the planet we live on and I don’t want to take part in destroying it. My sense of responsibility keeps me on the right path, it withholds me from becoming a lazy or bad person, and that’s why this makes me beautiful.
  5. My hair! I can’t believe this isn’t the first item on my self-beauty-list! For the most part of my life, I considered my hair to be the only bit of beauty I had on me. Where I felt I got the wrong end of the deal eye-wise, I never once doubted I got all the good genes when it came down to my hair. I inherited the colour of my mother (although my father was blonde as well when he was young) and her natural waves, and the thickness of my father. Result: a full set of thick, naturally blonde, wavy hair. Even my hairdresser is jealous (she told me so herself)! Another plus is that it grows super quickly, which is why I was able to donate it twice over the course of five years, and that it looks good on me whether it’s long or short.
    Funny side-note: the hairs on my arms and legs are super blonde as well. So I never have to shave my arms and when I do my legs I practically have to use a magnifying glass to see if I’ve missed some.
    Yes, you can hate me ;) My hair is so awesome, it’s allowed.
  6. My toes. According to this website I have Greek feet. Now, some of you may be grossed out about this, but apparently it’s a common foot/toes-type. Fun fact: I was in Rome with high school about eleven years ago, and we visited the Galleria Borghese where they have some of Bernini‘s most famous statues. Bernini was a brilliant artist and his sculptures are full of details. If you ever visit the Galleria Borghese (which you should!), take a good look at the toes of the characters depicted in Bernini’s statues.
    That’s right! They all have Greek feet! Why? Because in Greek mythology, if your second toe was larger than your big one, it was deemed a sign that the gods were with you (and Bernini was a perfectionist and a big fan of mythology).
    I have divine feet (pun intended)! What’s not to love about that?
  7. My soul. This one borders number one, but is slightly different. There’s a calm, warm energy stored deeply inside me. When I had trouble falling asleep a few nights ago, I first encountered this energy. It was delicious! So strong, so calm, so unconcerned and convinced everything will work out just fine. No troubles. No drama. No insecurities. Just a mellow river of delightful energy.
    I’m not really sure if this is my soul, but it sounds nice so I’m going with it. I reckon this is the real me, that this strong Samantha-energy will take over one day, that this is my blueprint. Like a seed growing into a tree: it loses a few branches here and there, but only to become it’s true self in the end.
    And now that I know it’s there, it might grow on me more quickly.
    At least this source of energy will help me fall asleep faster (it really calmed me down).

The point of doing this was to help myself focus on my good sides, to create a more positive self-image. I always thought I’d never learn to love myself, had almost given up trying, but I guess I was already on my way :)

If there’s anyone out there who also struggles with their self-worth, I advice you to list your beauty aspects, too. It’s surprising and fun, and so much better for you than breaking yourself down!

I wish you all a happy new week, and let’s end this one with an old feel-good song. I couldn’t decide between two bads (Beautiful by Christina Aguilera or What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction), so I chose a different one instead.

Beauty is not looking like everyone else. Beauty is being you, doing your own thing and enjoying yourself while at it.



Tell me what you think. Otherwise I'll assume you agree with me all the way! ;)

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