Sunday Summary

Sunday Summary

(Week 47)

sunday_summary“To know, is to know you know nothing. That is the meaning of true knowledge”Socrates

Woa, the weeks fly by! Which is only fine by me, as I’ve long ago decided this year’s just not it. Anyway, done with the negative stuff, on to the positive and knowledgeable moments of this week:

  1. Keep singing your own song, even if everyone else is humming a different tune. Sounds kind of deep, doesn’t it? I know, I’m proud of myself, too :)
    Apart from literally playing (and singing along to) music I like, despite what others think of my taste, there’s a figurative meaning to this as well: when you’re driving on a road with a speed limit of 80 kilometres an hour* and every other driver is flying by going at least 120 (and thus breaking the law), the key is to not give a crap and keep doing your own thing (which is going 80 kilometres an hour and singing along to Meghan Trainor).
    Although this story is anything but an analogy, this lesson is applicable to multiple situations in life. Think about any random rage you did not join in on, simply because you didn’t want to. That’s right: we don’t have to follow each other around every time. Instead, pick your own path and don’t be afraid to see where it leads!
    (*80 kilometres an hour is about 50 miles an hour)
  2. It feels good to let go. Coming from a true perfectionist, this is rich! But ever so true. Normally, I strive to outperform myself in anything I do, but lately I’ve been loosening up during Zumba. There’s this girl who doesn’t take the class seriously (and there’s only about seven of us in there each week). She keeps goofing around, and for some reason I can’t help but join in.
    I’m not sure the teacher is amused by us, but then again, we’re all there for fun. We’re not training to become professional Zumba-dancers, so why not let go of all the stiffness and laugh a little! Life’s too short to be serious all the time, anyway.
  3. When at war with an attic folding ladder, make sure you gently pull the lever. It will help get the ladder down much more easily than pulling it by force (aka grab it, aggressively shake it, then pull your feet up using all you body weight in an attempt to get the darn thing to unfold already!!). This needs a little extra explaining: I have never in my entire life had to unfold an attic ladder. Ever. So when a client of mine asked me to go up to her attic to check on her boiler (also something I’ve never done before – I trust it will be mentioned on next week’s summary), I had no idea how to get it down properly. And in my defence: neither did she. We pulled and shook it and I’m pretty sure I almost killed it, until we got to the point where she started up her laptop to google how to do it (sad, but true). The moment her laptop (almost as dead as her attic ladder) sprung to life, I found a teeny-tiny lever-like thingy clung to the ladder’s metalwork. I pulled it and… voila!
    Things can be so easy if you know how they work…

    Behold the area of the tiny mechanism. You don’t see it either, do you!? (NOTE: this is not at my client’s house, but a picture of a random similar ladder)
  4. It’s hard to say sorry to others, but it’s even harder to say it to yourself. They say if something is worth having, it’s worth fighting for. Being nice to yourself is so hard sometimes, at least it can be for me. And I wanted so many apologies from a lot of people, I forgot that mostly I needed a sorry from myself. So as silly as it may sound, I went to a mirror and literally said sorry to my reflection for everything I’ve ever done to myself that bothered me and kept me from becoming stronger.It’s hard enough knowing there’s people out there who will never respect you, the least you can do is learn to respect yourself. Admitting you did something wrong to yourself is always the first step. Do it. You’ll feel great afterwards.
  5. Here’s some more TV-wisdom for you all: there are three different kinds of snakes in the Netherlands. All my life, I always thought we only had one: the adder. Turns out we have two other indigenous species: the smooth snake and the grass snake. Seriously never knew that…
  6. Everything is fake. Before our king became our king, and even before he got married, there was an incident in which he had said something he probably shouldn’t have. It’s a bit dramatic and long to tell, but it was a royal blunder (pun intended). When being interviewed about their engagement this blunder was brought up, and our then crown prince’s future wife Máxima said he had been “a little dumb.” She spoke with a cute accent and made everyone laugh, and that was the very moment I think my entire nation fell in love with her.
    This week I learned even that innocent moment, that almost childlike remark, was scripted. It was a set-up and had been rehearsed several times before being filmed! Who can we really trust? If something as simple as this is fake, then everything else we see on TV must be fake, too…

  7. Some wisdom from my “Best Wishes”-box: Making a choice is being where you are. Riiiight… Okay, so I didn’t make this one up, I only picked it from a selection of rolled up pieces of paper. I guess it means that when you make a rational decision, you’re being “in the moment” with your head, and you cannot be anywhere else. Like when I decided to quit my job, I decided it then and there, at that moment, and thus that’s where I was: in that moment.

And so the circle is round: I opened with some deep words of wisdom, and I ended with some as well.

I hope you all had a good week. I’ve used quite a few extra media files, but here’s one more in case you’re curious about this weeks Earworm Of The Week (it’s a good one! Even if I hear it all day long, it won’t bore me one second).

Take care!


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