Status Update

Good Person

I’m feeling completely burned out again, although I suspect this is due to a combination of donating blood on Monday and getting another shot of hormone-killing medicine (my third one in total) on Tuesday. I think my body just needs to get over all this extraordinary physical attention…

Anyway, today I was scheduled to meet a new client, but unfortunately I was told she had cancelled because of an unexpected visit to the hospital.

Although I felt bad for the woman (even if I’ve never met her I don’t think she went to the hospital for fun), I was also relieved her three-hour appointment with me was rescheduled for next week. I already have two regulars on Wednesday, adding up to four cleaning-hours in total, and another three would have been fatal to me at this point.

Pure exhaustion. I feel as if I am coming down with the flu, even though I know I’m not. It’s just the meds kicking in.

I think I look the part, too, because I ended up confessing to client one how I struggle to be positive about myself. She then confessed she had already noticed that, due to comments I tend to make about myself, my ‘mistakes’, and of course by the way I behave.

She then continued to tell me it was okay to pat myself on the back every now and then, because, and this is almost a directly translated quote: she hadn’t specifically asked for me as her help for no reason, and: “you are a good person.”

Now I am happy. Exhausted, but happy.

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