Animals Day (aka The Destruction Of A Cardboard Castle In Two Simple Steps)

Today is World Animals Day and since I love animals, especially my own two little fuzzy hairballs, I took this opportunity to spoil them even more than I usually do, by building them a cardboard castle :’)

As expected, the castle didn’t have a very long life…

I know Jamie and Loki don’t understand the concept of World Animals Day, but I think they did appreciate the extra attention, cardboard, snacks, hay, and new play rope. Gives them something else to nibble on for a change ;)

Watch Jamie and Loki first explore their fortress (also pay attention to Jamie by the end of the video, and ignore my mother’s voice asking Loki if he likes the water – which he didn’t):

I know they’re “just gerbils,” but my device is: if you have a pet, treat it right. No matter how big or small it is (plus, I just enjoy taking care of them and giving them attention and love).

How did you spoil your pets today?


Tell me what you think. Otherwise I'll assume you agree with me all the way! ;)

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