Sunday Summary

Sunday Summary

(Week 39)

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever”Mahatma Ghandi

If we ought to learn something every day, this means by the end of the week we should have learned at least seven new things. Let’s see what happens if I keep track of what I’ve learned and put it in a list. The Universe knows I love lists, so why not give it a try.

Okay, here goes. These are the seven things I learned this week:

  1. Waiting for your future to happen equals missing out on that same future. I was waiting around to see if I would die or not, only so I could use the not-dead-yet-experience as a fresh start. This is more than silly (although I’ve felt quite upbeat since I didn’t stop breathing, to be honest). Life is too short. We all make mistakes. Your future is not planned out and written in the stars, just get up and do something about it yourself. Even a move into the wrong direction is better than no move at all.
  2. This might sound contradictory to what I just wrote, but patience really is key. Just keep in mind you don’t need to drop everything when you’re waiting for something to happen. Good ideas will come to you, karma works her magic around every time, and there is light at the end of the tunnel. Good things take time, and effort. Combining point one and two probably works best (note to self: let’s try that combo one day soon).
  3. Happiness is not a constant matter. That’s where I’ve gone wrong all these years! I imagined happiness to be some form of life instead of a feeling. Now I realise there are good days and bad days and happiness is intertwined with all of them.
  4. Letting go is easier than I thought. Revenge brings a bad vibe to all parties involved. Choosing yourself over getting back at someone is actually a good thing (and gives you a burst of well-deserved, positive energy!). It doesn’t mean you’re weak, on the contrary: it means you’re strong and mature.
  5. If you stop taking the world around you (and yourself) so seriously, life becomes more fun! Lip singing to my favourite songs while wearing ear phones and being out for a run makes me feel good, despite all the weird glances I get from people. I don’t care, I’m enjoying myself while working on my body and stamina. Who cares what other people think anyway? (Although this might explain why so many cars stopped to let me cross the street even when there was no pedestrian crossing area. The drivers probably thought I was mad).
  6. Compromises can relieve stress. I wanted to go on a husky sled ride in Finland for my birthday this year, along with staying over in one of the ice hotels, but it turns out the hotels aren’t built yet (they open in December) and the information I could find about the husky safari’s was vague. But, relentless as I am, I kept searching the web and I found a husky farm in the Netherlands, who also provide sled rides (even if it’s not on snow). Not exactly as I had in mind, but it’s closer by, cheaper, and this means I still get to travel to Finland one day and combine an ice hotel sleepover with a husky safari on snow! Win-win, which means less stress :)
  7. Not everything has to have a deep meaning. Here’s number seven of the things I learned this week: there’s a Mika song for every occasion!

There you have it, the educative sides of my week. I hope yours were as plentiful, eye-opening, fun and personally insightful as mine.

On to more learning moments! Have a great week everyone :)


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