It’s Raining Compliments

As Wicked Wednesdays come, this one turned out to be okay.

Against company policy (who cares about policies, right? -.-) I ended up having three work addresses for today, as opposed to the maximum of two. I am now beyond tired (I also worked for an hour longer than regulations allow).

Anyway, I received some sweet compliments today that made it all better:

a) First, my new morning client is someone I’ve worked for in the past to cover for a coworker with a broken leg. This coworker quit and my new client confessed she had told my boss she was “more than willing” to switch from her Friday morning cleaning appointments to Wednesday mornings if it meant she got to have me :)

b) My second client, the Thai lady, didn’t try to feed me anything today.
Oh wait! She did, but I don’t like cherries or melon…

Anyway, after I was done with my work, I asked her if she’d mind me eating my lunch at her place, before leaving for my last client (a blind/deaf man who I can’t ask for the same favour).
My Thai client got really enthusiastic and proceeded to try and give me coffee, tea, and several juices, when all I asked for was a glass of water.
In the end she laughed and said I was “just like Buddha”, who, according to the book she was reading, also didn’t need much. Go figure.

So there you have it, people. I may not be much, but according to today’s events I am a wanted, respected, Buddha-like person.

I feel totally zen.

And completely exhausted.


Tell me what you think. Otherwise I'll assume you agree with me all the way! ;)

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