Status Update

Melting In The Shower (La Dah Dee La Dah Dah)

In times of extreme heat, showers are futile; what’s the point of taking one when right after you’re done drying yourself off, you’re all covered in sweat again? And melting away just like you were before you stepped into the cabin… Yuck.

I hereby officially apologise to everyone in the Netherlands for joining in on all the complaining about the rain, and for asking the Universe to finally send us some sun. I forgot the Universe doesn’t do half-work, so I feel partially responsible for the current heat wave (37 Centigrade and rising – that’s 98,6 degrees in Fahrenheit). I also forgot the air in my country is quite damp, which means it’s not only scorching hot outside but difficult to breathe, too. Or move. Or take a shower.

But at least we have some summer! :) And I finally have an opportunity to wear my cute summer dress (and my recently rediscovered pair of shorts which I suddenly fit into again)!


Tell me what you think. Otherwise I'll assume you agree with me all the way! ;)

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