The Absolutely No Sense Post Of Today

Me: “Oof! What is that god-awful smell!?”
Mum: “I just finished chopping up the veggies your client gave you yesterday.”


Me: “If it smells this bad, does it mean its taste is equally terrible?”


Mum: “Why don’t we give some to your sister’s guinea pigs (we’re pet sitting them) and see how they like it?”

*Guinea pigs receive a handful of green smelly stuff. They sniff it, look up at us as if to say: “REALLY!?” then turn their backs to the parsley-look-a-like vegetable*

*more silence*

Mum: “So, I’ll toss it all out, then?”
Me: “Good idea.”

The smell of Thai parsley is truly one of a kind
It looked like regular parsley, it sure as heck didn’t smell like regular parsley, and I was too scared to find out whether it tasted like regular parsley (although I suspect it doesn’t).

Update on the weirdest thing I’ve ever had with my coffee: it’s no longer noodles (although that was quite an odd combination) but seaweed. Yes, seaweed! With added herbs and spices. Didn’t taste too bad, it’s just I rather eat it with rice than with coffee.

I better not mention that to my client, though. Or she’ll end up cooking rice for me as well…


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