Gerbil Talk

Me (holding my two gerbils and talking to them as if they actually understand what I am saying): “No, you don’t get a food refill until your entire bowl is empty.”

Jamie & Loki: *wait until I am at work, then conveniently knock over their food bowl spilling the few remaining (I suspect not so tasty) bits*

My mum: *walks by the cage and sees the food bowl lying face down. She puts it back where it was, without adding food to it*

Me, after returning home: “Oh good, you ate everything!” *fills up food*

Well, I guess in a way everyone’s happy. But I wonder who’s smarter here… Until today I thought it was me.

Maybe I do speak gerbil. Or they do understand me and they just pretend they’re all cute and innocent.

Fuzzy little basterds! :3


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