Status Update

Every Cloud Has Its Purple Lining

2015 has been a terrible year: it’s started off horribly and so far it hasn’t gotten much better (for me personally, at least. Although when I think of all the disasters that have happened globally, I’d say I’m not the only one who feels this way about this annum).

Anyway, miracles do happen and they come around when you least expect it! It’s the little things in life that mean the most, right?
Well, take this: after being in Dublin for three months in 2013, I gained a whooping five kilograms (which is about eleven pounds) because of eating all the delicious food my host mother cooked for me daily (ohh! So yummy!).
The kilo’s didn’t even bother me that much – it’s not as if I needed to lose weight. But the fact that they were there and were pretty useless made me try to get them off.

I never thought I’d be able to do that (I like chocolate way too much to really diet), but the last few weeks something strange has happened: my pair of work pants seem to be wider than normal and I have to pull them up every two minutes or so. My shorts, the same ones that were too tight on me last year, can now be closed easily and then there’s still room left. My pair of super tight I-was-sorry-I-asked-my-mum-to-tighten-them-for-me-because-afterwards-I-thought-I’d-never-fit-into-them-pants fit! Not only do they fit, I can move in them and they’re still comfortable!

But the real miracle happened when I accidentally laid eyes on my 2013 Halloween dress, safely stored away on a hanger:

I bought it when I was in Ireland and it never fit me. Not even when I was in the store trying it on. But, thinking it was for one night only and it wasn’t expensive, I didn’t mind that the zip couldn’t be closed. That minor flaw was easily covered up, anyway.

However, bearing in mind the strange happenings with the shorts and the trousers, I thought it would be funny to try my Rapunzel dress on again. I was convinced it wouldn’t close.

It. Fit.

It’s not just that the zip closed all the way up, but it fit me perfectly. Perfectly.
I know it’s silly, but I haven’t felt this good about myself and my body since… well, forever! So even if my life is quite crap at this moment, and even if this year has brought nothing but drama so far, at least I fit into this gorgeous dress. And it makes me feel so happy thinking about how my body is changing and how I am learning to appreciate it more!

I have no idea when I could wear this it in public, by the way, but still. It fits. That’s all that matters.

So people: miracles DO happen! Sometimes we have to help them out a little, maybe, but even if you feel like nothing is going right: keep looking. Because no matter how dark your horizons are, remember that every cloud has its silver purple lining.

Tell me what you think. Otherwise I'll assume you agree with me all the way! ;)

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