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To Work Or Not To Work, That’s The Question…

Oof! Today was a busy day and an intense one at that. First thing this morning I had an interview with (yet another) recruitment agency. One of their agents contacted me earlier this week after finding my résumé online, and she asked me if I was still looking for a job (yes yes yes!) and if I was interested in a position of Costumer Representative for one of the biggest energy delivering companies of the Netherlands (yes yes yes!). Even though I assumed it would pretty much involve picking up the phone all day long, I still said yes. Because let’s face it: I’m never going to be able to move out if I stay a household help.
So this morning I went over to their office to be checked out by another agent of the recruitment company. This interview was merely to see if she thought I’d be fit for the job, and if she did (which she did), she would set me up with a “real” job interview at the company I might be going to work for. Plus, and this was the turning point for me, she told me this position was 80% administrative work and 20% phone work. So my mind went from: “I don’t care too much if I get it or not” to: I WANT THIS JOB!!!”.

The second interview was scheduled this afternoon. It would have happened tomorrow, but I have my clients then so the only option available was today.
It’s kind of cruel how they tell you to “be well prepared for this interview”, when all you’ve got is one and a half hour to come up with interesting stories about yourself. And even then you have no idea what questions there will be asked, so how can you fully prepare yourself? It is beyond me. But anyway, I did my best and for once I wasn’t all nerves and giggles, and I even managed to throw in some questions myself (which apparently works well towards giving off a positive vibe. Or so I’ve read).

What’s left now is waiting. They will phone me tomorrow to tell me whether or not I’m hired. If not, booh! But at least I’ll still have a job, crappy as can be, and I can say I’m working on getting a better one. At least I tried, right?
And if they do hire me, I’ll have to quit my current one ASAP to be able to begin working on the required starting date. But then I’ll have a better job, one that’s closer to home, I can tick the box for one of my 2015 goals, and I’ll have a new set of experiences to add to my CV. So either way, I win.

Ooh! And I almost forgot to mention, but the man who runs the gym I attend has asked me if I’m interested in becoming a Body Pump instructor! :) Imagine that! Me, the girl who used to be picked last during PE! Me, the girl who spent years not interested in working out!
It’s freaking hilarious, but I am definitely interested! So he’s now going to ask the female instructor of the Monday classes if she wants to teach me the ropes. And when (not if!) she thinks I’m up for it, he might sign me up for the official course.

This is so darn hilarious, brilliant and awesome at the same time, I don’t even know what to think of it. So I’ll revert to my old mantra: “We’ll see.” And in the mean time: fingers crossed!


One thought on “To Work Or Not To Work, That’s The Question…

  1. Well, I didn’t get the job, because they thought I was (and I quote) “too chatty” during the interview.
    I must say that’s new: never heard that one before. So now you all know, people: surprisingly I am not a robot but someone with personality. Too much personality for this position, apparently. Oh well.


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