Rich Girl

If I was a rich girl (na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na), I’d buy myself a BIG island very far from here, a lot of political influence, and a private airline. I’d then send everyone that ever insulted, hurt, condescended, double-crossed, bullied or ignored me straight to that island, which I’d lovingly call Hell (just because I could and because it would be funny).

To generate an income off of it I’d bug every single buggable spot of Hell, to create a morbid reality TV show (which would become an instant hit, because let’s face it: nothing but drama can come from putting nasty people together, and people thrive on other people’s drama). I think it would be quite the experiment, too, watching ill-hearted people have a go at each other (plus, I’m kind of curious to see who would win the battle).

The easier solution, of course, would be to buy that island and move there myself. But where’s the fun in that?
Also, I’d definitely give others an opportunity to get rid of their bullies, too. For a small fee, or just a really good reason. So I’d be helping lots of people! :)

Yes, if only I was a rich girl… (na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na)

Tell me what you think. Otherwise I'll assume you agree with me all the way! ;)

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