Death & Despair (and a whole lot of chocolate to deal with it)

Tonight, me and my two best friends had a Girl’s Night planned. These usually involve a great deal of chocolate as well as a fine portion of wine, preferably while playing Munchkin (because we’re nerds like that and we’re awesome).

I was to pick up one friend, K, who doesn’t have a car, and we’d gather at the other friend’s (N’s) house, where no public transportation system ever visits.
Right where I had to turn left in order to get to K I noticed a few police cars with flashing lights, police tape preventing traffic to drive straight ahead, and two policemen with torches indicating all drivers to go left.

At this point I was merely relieved I was able to get to K’s house, since I don’t know how else to get there. And also I was a bit curious as to what had happened, but I hate useless spectators so I easily forgot about the police thing.

Anyway, I picked up K and we drove to N, who made us a lovely dinner, and we soon started catching up. K and me mentioned the accident site I encountered earlier (by this time we had learned it had been a traffic accident) and again we didn’t pay too much attention to it. Instead, we started munching our chocolate, sipping our tea (I never drink when I have to drive) and we started a game of Munchkin.

Not even halfway into what could have become a very interesting, hour-long Munchkin battle, N received a phone call from her brother-in-law. And judging from the look on N’s face and her reactions to what he was saying, it was Bad News.

Apparently a man had died in the forementioned accident, and it turned out to be her boyfriend’s cousin.

We spent the rest of our Girl’s Night trying to contact N’s boyfriend, who was out to see a movie, and trying to comfort her as much as we could until he got home.

People, I’ve thought it many times before, and now I am sure of it: even though the new year has only just begun, 2015 SUCKS!!!

So many people dead already, so many things going wrong, so much bad news! If this is the way 2015 is going to be like, I doubt there’s enough chocolate in the world to comfort me or my friends.

I feel sorry for N and her boyfriend’s loss and wish her and the entire family of the young man who died all the strength they need to get through this.


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