Status Update

Eventful and Informative Day

Well, today I learned a lot, also about myself. Firstly, I caught myself thinking I’d like to be a sheep. Or a horse. Because the ones I saw in the fields I passed when driving to the hospital looked pretty happy to me. They seemed to have no worries at all. Or care about what others thought of them.

Secondly, I learned that even though it might seem strange to others, it’s quite handy to bring a nail file to the waiting room. Seriously, my nails look great again and it kept me from constantly looking at the time and getting frustrated.

Thirdly, I found out my eldest sister was right when she told me male gynaecologists are nicer than their female counterparts. Because my new doctor was calm, understanding and never once mentioned my problems were all “very natural” (and that’s a direct quote from the B*tch Doctor From Hell I had last time). Instead, he handed me a recipe for some hormone-killing drugs I am to use for the next three months, after which I have to come back for  results and more tests.

I then went to the pharmacist and learned another thing: my prescription was not for pills, as I had thought, but for a syringe. A tiny one, but it came in a huge box. I was told I had to take it back to my gynaecologist and have his assistant use it on me.

I then learned that I wasn’t supposed to be shot up my arm.

After three failed attempts to inject my butt cheek with the hormone killers and bringing in her colleague, the first assistant soon after learned that she wasn’t supposed to stick the needle into my butt either.

After another failed attempt to get the drugs inside me by injecting them into my lower belly, but succeeding the second try, the two assistants and me found out I apparently have a “very thick skin” (which is really funny because I had to grow a metaphorical thick skin from being bullied severely).

I also learned my father is even more impatient than I thought he was.

But all in all it was quite an eventful and informative day.
Now I am going to sip hot tea, watch a lot of episodes of Friends and not focus too much on my aching butt cheek and lower belly.


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