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Earworm of the Week

Have a good time trying to get this one out of your head! So far, I haven’t succeeded yet ;) Have a happy week, everyone! Advertisements

Letters to Life

Letters to Life (24)

“The World would stop spinning if we’d stop and think about everything first” – Random Paper Wisdom – Dear Life, It’s been a while since I last wrote to you, but Spring is here and that always reminds me of your wonderful power of rebirth; how like a phoenix you rise from your own ashes… Continue reading Letters to Life (24)


Goodbye (aka You Are Not Weird For Loving A Pet That Small)

Yesterday, I had to say goodbye to my dear pet gerbil Jamie. He nearly made it to 3,5 years. He was adventurous (the only gerbil ever to climb my head!), incredibly stubborn and beyond gentle.

In the end, he was so sick he could nearly eat, drink, or do much else but breathe. So me and the vet made the decision to let him go.

I am sad, because this little fuzz ball was my buddy. But at the same time I am relieved he no longer has to suffer.

Jamie, I love you. I hope you’ve found Loki and you two are making Heaven a better place together.


Wednesday Wisdom-Tile

I’m getting a bit fed up with the tiles, so I’m using some of my (old) photos instead. See what that does for me. Happy Wednesday, everyone! :)


Empathy (aka Not To Be Confused With Everything Else)

Definition: Being able to hear what the other person is telling you, without judgment or giving the other person advice or trying to show off your own problems or telling them their problems are stupid or pretending to listen but secretly finding joy in playing with your phone or giving them *eugh* sympathy instead. “I… Continue reading Empathy (aka Not To Be Confused With Everything Else)


Wednesday Wisdom-Tile

Yes, that’s a picture I took while on a husky sled! For all my other pictures of my trip to Finnish Lapland, go here. Have a good week, everyone! :)


About Tough Cookies And Husky Safaris

(I am still not up to my regular blogging rhythm. Or my regular reading-up-on-people schedule. Not sure why, but I keep trying :)) I hate teenagers. There, I said it. I hated them when I was a kid. I hate them now I am an adult. And I hated them when I was a teenager!… Continue reading About Tough Cookies And Husky Safaris